The current demand on high bandwidth data services and applications is growing at high speed. Data centers can already reach 400G thanks to the latest optical modules. The current and future optical network architectures are more and more adaptive and the capacity and reach is directly related with the spectrum utilization of the channels. Therefore the future network architecture needs extremely precise characterization of the optics and photonics elements involved.


Optical communication technologies require a precise portrait of the signals, components and subsystems involved. And that includes the optical spectra. Although a regular optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) can provide good spectral information for many applications, most of optical technologies require much higher resolution in order to see further, to analyze in depth and even save time when exploring new ideas and launching new devices.

Measuring the optical spectrum with enough resolution is today a must to test the performance and ensure compatibility and compliance of optical sources or photonics systems.

  • With more than 15 years of experience Aragon Photonics Labs manufactures the most advanced and versatile high resolution optical spectrum analyzers: the BOSA.
  • Our instruments are capable of giving customers a fast and accurate spectral characterization of optical signals and devices with only 10 MHz of resolution in O, C and L telecommunications bands.
  • Many key-state Universities, R&D Labs, optical manufacturers and network companies around the world rely on the BOSA for solving their spectral characterization needs.

Educational & University

  • Single line optical sources: DFB, ECL, DML
  • Frequency combs.
  • Pulsed lasers.

Research & Development Labs

  • Advance modulation formats analysis: OFDM, Nyquist-WDM
  • Transceivers: 100G, 400G
  • Chirp.
  • OSNR.
  • Polarization balance.


  • Transceivers.
  • Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs)
  • Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs)

The HDCA is thought for R&D and manufacturers of next generation passive components including photonic integrated circuits (PIC), ring resonators, fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) and many others.

BOSA Series
Bosa Series

Find out the main features, software utilities and upgradable options of all the different BOSA models. Which one fits your needs better?