Latest advances in optical communication technologies require a precise characterization of the signals, components and subsystems involvedMeasuring the optical spectrum with enough resolution is a must to test the performance and ensure compatibility and compliance. Aragon Photonics Labs manufactures the most advanced and versatile high resolution optical spectrum analyzers, the BOSA line 



Aragon Photonics all-optical patented technology use the stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) as a non-linear optical effect that causes a very narrow filtering effect. By pumping the SBS with an external cavity tunable laser source (TLS), the filter is swept along the spectral region of interest, giving the high-resolution optical spectrum. SBS gain enhances the dynamic range of the measurement compared to passive filtering, and the threshold imposed by SBS eliminates all the spurious effects of the local oscillator sidemodes and lineshape that produce measurement artifacts in heterodyne OSAs, giving the highest spurious-free dynamic range measurement available in any high-resolution OSA.  

Based on our core SBS technology we have also developed unique measurements solutions for the characterization of the polarization and phase of the optical spectrum, providing the most complete characterization of an optical signal available in the market.

  • High resolution (10 MHz / 0.08 pm) and narrow filter profile 
  • Best accuracy in the market (0.5 pm) 
  • Great dynamic range (>80 dB) with no artifacts 
  • Unique spectrally-resolved polarization measurement 
  • Patented optical phase spectrum measurement 


Whether working on advanced modulation formats, quantum optics, optical sources or passive devices characterization, in R&D or production, you can get advantage of the best performing HR-OSA in the market. Measure your fiber Bragg-grating, your resonator waveguide, QPSK modulation generator, directed modulated laser (DML). Adjust your DWDM signals, diagnose the chirp effects or asses the time resolved chirp (TRC). And everything with a single instrument, our high resolution optical spectrum analyzer, BOSA.



The high performance of the BOSA is only possible by using top quality components and controlling them very carefully. The SBS core is engineered for maximum filtering efficiency and stability and the detection stage uses fast high quality 16-bit DAQs. In our BOSA 400 series we include an external cavity fast tunable laser, which is precisely monitored with a physical standard wavelength reference for maximum accuracy.