Portable Solar Reflectometer

The CONDOR measures reflectance with a high level of reliability in six wavelengths, characterizing the response of a mirror at different wavelengths along the sun spectrum applying the ISO9050 and ASTM-G173 standards. The equipment has several optical channels made up of an LED-type light source and a photodiode, which detects the radiation reflected in the central wavelength of the LED. It is designed to operate in the field with significant amounts of ambient light that should not affect the measurement. The mirrors that CONDOR characterizes can be flat or curved, as well as reflection on the first or second side and with different thicknesses. The equipment has excellent performance outdoors, in conditions of high external irradiation and high temperatures.

CONDOR provides you with the necessary information to optimize the cleaning strategy, minimizing cost and improving the solar field overall performance. It is used in solar plants and laboratories all over the world.

  • Broadband measurement with 6 wavelengths
  • Solar distribution standard used (ISO 9050, ASTM)
  • Specular light detection only, no ambient light influence.
  • Flat and curved mirrors, 0 to 4 mm thickness.
  • Fast measurement (10s) 
  • High accuracy (<0.4%)

Tagged measurements

Can store thousands of tagged measurements in its memory.

Software desktop

Own software desktop to visualize and archive measurements

Easy data exporting

Is possible to export data in .csv format


Can be autocalibrated using an accessory pattern mirror

Long battery life

More than 2000 measurements with a single battery charge

Ergonomic & Durable

Ergonomic design that minimizes measurement errors.


CONDOR and INCUS are commercialized in exclusive by ZEPREN Solutions S.L.

CONDOR™ is based on patented technology owned by ABENGOA Solar New Technologies and licensed in exclusive to Aragon Photonics Labs. 


Portable spectrophotometer for measurement of the receiver tube optical properties in the solar field.

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants are complex systems relying on the individual performance of multiple optical elements.