Portable Solar reflectometer

  • Fast measurement (10s) 
  • High accuracy (<0.4%) 
  • Designed for CSP field use 
  • For flat and curved mirrors 
  • Ergonomic and durable 
  • Long battery life 

Condor is a portable reflectometer designed for field measurement of reflectivity in the solar field in less than 10 seconds with a high accuracy and precision. It can be applied to both flat and curved reflecting surfaces of up to 4 mm thickness.

CONDOR provides you with the necessary information to optimize the cleaning strategy, minimizing cost and improving the solar field overall performance. 

Its ergonomy, portability and robustness make it ideal for its use in a daily basis in the solar field. It can perform more than 1000 measurements with a single battery charge and can store thousands of tagged measurements in its memory.

CONDOR reflectometer is used in solar plants and laboratories all over the world.

CONDOR is specifically designed for the characterization of solar reflectors for thermosolar energy generation. It measures specular reflectance for solar spectral distribution (ISO 9050; AM 1,5) through measurements at 6 different wavelengths distributed in a wide range of the solar spectrum.  

CONDOR can be autocalibrated using an accesory pattern mirror, simplifying maintenance and guaranteeing the quality of the measured results.  


  • Reflector soiling monitoring
  • Better planning of cleaning routines and methods
  • Heliostat degradation monitoring

CONDOR™ is based on patented technology owned by ABENGOA Solar New Technologies and licensed in exclusive to Aragon Photonics Labs.