About us


Develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge and useful distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) solutions and equipment’s.


To be a technological and commercial reference in the application markets for solutions based on distributed sensing over optical fibre


  • Honesty.
  • Social equity.
  • Sustainability.
  • Transfer of scientific and technical knowledge to society for its welfare.

Proud to be a part of Aragon Photonics.

At Aragon Photonics, we create, manufacture, and sell cutting-edge distributed fiber optic sensing solutions for various sectors, including power cables, railways, seismology, and perimeter security. Our growing line of distinctive products is based on exclusively licensed and proprietary patents. Our innovative solutions, driven by algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, are utilized across various strategic sectors. We have a highly qualified staff and work closely with universities and research centres to transform brilliant ideas into award-winning products. Alongside significant businesses from several industries, we take part in European innovation programs.

Aragon Photonics was founded in 2004 with the goal of developing an innovative Optical Spectrum Analyzer for testing and measuring optical signals, which is widely used in the Telecommunications sector. With the experience and knowledge gained along the way, in 2014 we entered the distributed Fiber optic sensing market by developing several DAS sensors. Today, our product portfolio encompasses more technologies, and our range of DFOS solutions is present in most strategic sectors.

In an environment where work-life balance and equal opportunities are fundamental pillars, our company stands out not only for its profitability and prospects but also for being technologically advanced. Our commitment to innovation allows us to develop advanced solutions that enhance the security of strategic markets for countries, thus contributing to a better society. This comprehensive approach ensures that all our stakeholder’s benefit, from our employees to the community at large, consolidating our position as leaders in the sector and promoters of an equitable and sustainable work environment.

Our history


Aragon Photonics is focusing on improving its products and applications for distributed fibre optic detection, a strategic line of business for the company in the coming years.


Exclusive exploitation transfer of the Telecom (BOSA, HDCA…) and Solar (INCUS, CONDOR…) lines to the company ZEPREN Solutions S.L..


Launch of HDAS, based on the patented Chirped-pulse Phase OTDR technology.


Incorporation of FOCUS SL and its Chirped-pulse Phase OTDR technology developed by the University of Alcalá de Henares.


Starting of the activities of the solar line, through the exploitation of Abengoa’s patent portfolio.


Launch of the first DAS device based on C-OTDR direct sensing technology.


Starting of the activities in the field of Distributed Optical Fibre Sensing in collaboration with the GTF of the University of Zaragoza.


Launch of the BOSA-C, equipment awarded the Prisma Prize by SPIE. A model that is also capable of working in the L-band.


Development of BOSA, the first high-resolution optical spectrum analyser based on Brillouin’s patented stimulated scattering technology.


Foundation of Aragon Photonics, resulting from the collaboration between Fibercom and the Photonic Technologies Group (GTF) of the University of Zaragoza.

“The decision of APL to focus is strategy on the development and marketing of DFOS solutions is the most important made in its 20 years of existence, and will pay off in the immediate future.”

Francisco M. López Torres, CEO of Aragon Photonics

Aragón photonics

Presence and contact

Aragon Photonics is a global company with its headquarters located in Zaragoza, Spain. We have cultivated an expanding global partner network, conducted business in over 20 countries across all continents, and routinely attend the most pertinent conferences and trade shows in our sector.

Calle Prado 5, 50009
Zaragoza – Spain


+34 976 359 972


Quality policy

Quality is a strategic factor to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, which is why our quality department is constantly working to continuously improve all our internal processes and the services we offer. We are aware that quality encompasses all our processes and that is why we are fully committed to continuous improvement. Thus, our Quality Policy has a global approach and covers all our activities, products and services.


Aragon Photonics is an innovative company that has received numerous awards, grants and seals from national and international R&D funding organizations.

  • EU Horizon 2020
Grant agreement 826843
  • Programa Torres Quevedo: PTQ2019-0101759 y PTQ2020-011407
  • Ayudas para Doctorados Industriales: DI-17-09169
  • IDIS REACT-UE 2 ‘Apoyo a las inversiones que contribuyan a la transición hacia una economía digital’
  • IDIS REACT-UE 4 ‘Apoyo a las inversiones que contribuyan a la transición hacia una economía verde’
  • Innovative SME

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