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Embark on a journey that will captivate you and push the boundaries of what is possible when creativity and precision engineering come together to produce innovative technological solutions. We invite you to explore our Innovation section to learn how we are constantly redefining the technological landscape, from innovations in distributed sensing to breakthroughs in photonics.

At Aragon Photonics, we actively promote change rather than merely accepting it. Come along with us as we push the boundaries, create partnerships that will propel the field of photonics forward, and investigate uncharted territory. We extend an invitation to forward-thinking businesses to collaborate with us on innovative projects that will shape the future. Together, let’s expand the realm of the possible and develop cutting-edge technological solutions that will shape the future. Discover our most notable projects that will influence the future – welcome to Aragon Photonics’ forefront!

Innovation Projects


Aragón Potonics DIGIVOLCAN

Summary: The project is mainly motivated by the

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Aragón Potonics MODITI

Summary: The linear topography and length of

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Aragón Potonics PSI

Summary: Submarine cables are essential to

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Aragón Potonics SACOH

Summary: Large critical infrastructure surveillance

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Aragón Potonics SAFE

Summary: Unpredictable tsunamis can result in

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Aragón Potonics SODDIER

Summary: Electrical distribution

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Aragón Potonics REMO

Summary: This project tackles a vital, but frequently

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Aragón Potonics INFOTHERM

Summary: The measurement and control of temperature

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