Aragón Photonics Labs SLU, is a company based in Zaragoza, Spain, focused on the transfer of scientific and technical knowledge to society through the design, manufacture, marketing and technical service of optical test and measurement equipment, supporting the telecommunications, distributed sensing and solar energy markets.


THE MANAGEMENT OF THE COMPANY is aware of the impact of its activities, products and services, and therefore undertakes to:

  1. Maintain a Management System, according to ISO 9001, appropriate to our context and supporting our strategic direction.
  2. Define a set of Objectives and Goals aimed at the continuous improvement of our processes, services and products.
  3. Comply with the applicable legal requirements.
  4. Comply with the commitments acquired with customers.
  5. Ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction and foster win-win relationships.
  6. That all employees receive adequate training, in Quality, for the correct performance of their tasks.
  7. To apply basic standards of professional ethics that promote a global awareness of good practices aligned with quality.
  8. To achieve the economic sustainability of the company.
  9. Lead strategically, making evidence-based decisions.
  10. To contribute, to the best of its ability, to improving the sustainability of the planet by reducing sustainability of the planet by reducing waste and optimizing resources.


Management will ensure that the necessary means are in place to ensure the application of the Management System and this Policy for all interested parties and in all areas of Aragón Photonics Labs.


Download here the ISO 90001 Certification.