Solar spectrophotometer

  • 14 wavelengths measurement, including infrared and visible range
  • High accuracy levels
  • GPS localization 
  • Easy-to-use, long battery life


INCUS is a portable spectrophotometer that allows the measuring of the receiver tube optical properties in the solar field of a parabolic trough CSP plant.

INCUS design is ergonomic and robust: with a handle on its upper side allowing to be used on any position; and with a mechanical and electronical configuration to minimize damages. It takes more than 400 measurements with a single battery charge and gives you GPS localization data store.

INCUS helps O&M activities such as the control of the decrease of the soiling ratio to determine the cleaning cycles.



INCUS obtains the outer tube transmittance and the inner tube absorbance values rapidly and accurately for solar distribution (ISO 9050; AM 1,5) through measurements at 14 different wavelengths including infrared and visible range.

INCUS uses an algorithm of signal processing that allows taking measurements during the day or night with no influence from the sun light.


  • Monitor the evolution of tube’s transmittance
  • Measure the efficiency of the applied cleaning method

INCUS™ is based on technology owned by ABENGOA Solar New Technologies and protected under patents, licensed in an exclusive basis to Aragon Photonics Labs.