The world is more and more sustainable, green energy investments are present everywhere, and solar energy is a key factor. Photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) are the two main technologies worldwide. Today we can see oil companies investing in CSP start-ups or airports purchasing aviation fuel from solar thermal companies.


Thermosolar porwer plants are complex systems relying on the individual performance of multiple optical elements (heliostats, receiver tubes…) and the precise prediction of environmental factors (soiling, atmospheric attenuation, weather…). Plant owners, that have invested huge amounts of money, and operation and maintenance (O&M) companies, that have to make the plants meet and exceed their energy levels target, should verify each of these factors. Among them: to have the mirrors clean in order to maximize the solar power reflected from the sunlight to the receiver-tube.

Measuring the reflectance value along the entire solar spectrum is a must to keep the heliostats and the receiver tubes performing at maximum levels of operation.

  • Our goal is to provide the market with the best in solar class instrumentation: the highest accuracy and velocity in true portable devices.
  • Aragon Photonics Labs has acquired in exclusive several patented by Abengoa technologies. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities we’re proud to have relaunched the CONDOR reflectometer and the INCUS spectrophotometer.
  • More than 25 Concentrated Solar Power plants rely on the CONDOR for maintenance of their heliostats.

CSP - Tower

  • Heliostat degradation monitoring
  • CSP Efficiency Monitoring
  • Water & Fuel Consumption optimization for Cleaning companies

CSP - Parabolic Trough

  • Monitor the evolution of External glass tube’s transmittance
  • Monitor the evolution of Internal absorber tube’s absorbance
  • Heliostat degradation monitoring

R&D Laboratories and Other experimental plants

  • Linear Fresnel reflector
  • Concentrating Solar Heat plants (CSH)
  • Combined Heat and Power solar plants (CHP)

Portable solar reflectometer for fast measurement of heliostat solar reflectivity in CSP plants.


Portable spectrophotometer for measurement of the receiver tube optical properties in the solar field.