At Aragon Photonics we develop, build and market highly innovative optical and photonic test & measurement solutions for a variety of industries: fiber optic telecom, fiber optic sensing, concentrated solar power… Our growing portfolio of unique products is based on proprietary or exclusively licensed patents. R&D is at our core, we have a highly skilled team and foster close collaborations with Universities and research centers to convert great ideas into great products.

Aragon Photonics was started in 2004 to create the BOSA, a revolutionary optical spectrum analyzer based in Brillouin scattering. With great effort and dedication we were able to set BOSA as a reference product, validated by some of the most relevant research institutions and high-tech companies in the World, and make Aragon Photonics a recognized brand in fiber optic test & measurement. With the experience and expertise gathered in the path to make BOSA the world-class product it is today, we have been able to develop and launch new products and many others that are in our R&D pipeline waiting for they turn.

Our highly skilled team is always committed to respond to customer needs. We do our best to give our customer the best presales and post-sales service, fast technical support and flexible product customization. We also provide design, prototyping, manufacturing and consultancy services for fiber optic and photonic applications to other companies. Ask us, we are always ready for a challenge!


Aragon Photonics is based in Zaragoza, Spain, but has a worldwide footprint. We have done business in more than 20 countries in all continents, foster a growing international partner network and regularly attend the most relevant conferences and exhibitions in our industry.


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Aragon Photonics is a highly innovative company recognized by national and international R&D funding entities with several awards and grants.

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Programa Torres Quevedo
Ayudas para Doctorados Industriales

EU Horizon 2020
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