High-Fidelity Distributed Acoustic Sensor

HDAS is a High-Fidelity Distributed Acoustic Sensor that detects vibrations in tens of kilometers. With its proprietary linear measurement technology, it provides unmatched signal quality across all measured fiber length and magnitude measurement capabilities.

The HDAS box is conceived as a scientific instrument, with comprehensive tools to measure, record and analyze the signals present in the fiber. Furthermore it can also be used as a platform for application development, allowing third party data processing directly on the main processing unit.

  • 1 nstrain sensitivity
  • 6 meter spatial resolution
  • Linear & Quantitative measurement
  • Unmatched low-frequency performance
  • Easy classifications and thresholding
  • High SNR & No fading
  • Up to 90 km reach
  • Two boxes: Optical Unit & Processing Unit

24 / 365 ready

- High reliability.
- Redundant ehternet ports.
- Redundant power supplies.


- ±2 micro Hertzios GPS relative synchronization.


- Class 1 laser safety compliant.
- Automatic power reduction system.

Scalable storage

- The system may include extended storage for long term measurements.
- Compatible with network storage.


- Designed for industrial environment.
- Rackable & transportable.
- Hard case available.

Four models available

- 30 km reach
- 50 km reach
- 70 km reach
- 90 km reach

HMI provided to operate the HDAS

- Control over measurement parameters.
- Graphic data representation: strain & temperature.

Open Access to instrument response

- Access to the raw data captured by the interrogator.
- Enables ad-hoc post-processing for each application.


- HDAS can be controlled remotely
- Fully functional TCP/IP protocol for integration with client applications.


Download our fiber optic sensing brochure where you will find all the details of our equipment.

DFOS Technology
DFOS Technology

HDAS is a revolutionary patented DFOS system developed by Aragon Photonics and the University of Alcalá de Henares.

DFOS Applications
Fiber Optic Sensing Applications

At Aragon Photonics we havconceived our products as an open platform to enable the development of applications for many end-users.