Brillouin Loop Analyzer of Strain and Temperature

BLAST is a Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), that allows for the precise measurement of temperature and strain values along a conventional fibre, is one of the most common DFOS techniques, with a wide range of uses and already stablished applications in different environments. Different methods and technologies can be employed to obtain DTS measurements.

Aragon Photonics presents a Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analyser (BOTDA) technology based DTSS capable of reliable and precise temperature measurements along a conventional fiber. Presented in a simple to use and highly configurable interrogator that can provide to both scientific and industrial groups an invaluable tool to develop new research and applications.

  • Up to 0.1 degrees sensitivity
  • Down to 1 m spatial resolution
  • Direct temperature readings (reference required)
  • Easy to use configuration and straightforward measurement
  • Up to 50 km loop reach without amplification
  • Complete configurable acquisition time capable of fast (<30 sec) measurement times
  • Two boxes: Optical Unit & Processing Unit

Low Noise

- Consistent and low noise performance along all the fiber loop


- Designed for industrial environment.
- Rackable & transportable.
- Hard case available.

Two models available

- 50 km reach
- 85 km reach

HMI provided to operate the HDAS

- Control over measurement parameters.
- Graphic data representation: strain & temperature.

Open Access to instrument response

- Access to the raw data captured by the interrogator.
- Enables ad-hoc post-processing for each application.

Highly configurable

- HDAS can be easily configurated.


Download our Fiber Optic Sensing brochure where you will find all the details of our equipment.


HDAS is a High-Fidelity Distributed Acoustic Sensor that detects strain variations in tens of kilometers.

DFOS Applications
Fiber Optic Sensing Applications

At Aragon Photonics we havconceived our products as an open platform to enable the development of applications for many end-users.