High-fidelity distributed acoustic sensor

  • Instantaneous strain and temperature measurement 
  • Up to 70 km reach 
  • 10 meter resolution 
  • High sensitivity (1 nstrain) 
  • Linear measurements, no distortion 

HDAS starts the next chapter for Distributed Acoustic Sensing. With its patented linear measurement technology it provides unrivaled signal quality along all the measured fiber length and magnitude measurement capabilities.

The HDAS box is conceived as both a scientific instrument, with comprehensive tools to measure, record and analyze the signals present in the fiber, and a platform for application development, enabling third-party data processing directly on the main processing unit. 


  • Signal frequency distribution analysis 
  • Simultaneous temporal traces of multiple fiber locations 
  • Remote control capabilities 
  • Raw signal recording mode 
  • Data stream accesible from third party applications 
  • Customized applications available on demand 


  • Traffic monitoring 
  • Intrusion detection 
  • Sub-sea cable monitoring 
  • Seismic activity study 
  • Asset integrity monitoring 
  • Security applications 
  • Pipeline supervision