Every year, the Official College and School of Telecommunications Engineers of Aragon gives the Information Society of Aragon Award which recognizes those people, companies and institutions that have proven to be a true benchmark of good work in the sector of the New information and Telecommunication Technologies in Aragon.

This year, we have been granted with the Company of the Year award for our long business career focused on the development of innovative technologies and services in the field of ICT, and for its broad international projection. The award will be presented on the Night of Telecommunications, an event that this time will take place virtually on February 5.

The Night of Telecommunications

Since 2001, the Night of Telecommunications and the Information Society of Aragon has been held in Zaragoza, an event organized by the College of Telecommunications Engineers of Aragon and the Territorial Demarcation of the COIT of Aragon, in collaboration with the Higher Technical School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Zaragoza. It is the most important social and professional event that the sector celebrates in Aragon, thanks to the collaboration of an important group of companies and institutions, such as the DGA and the assistance of a large number of professionals and prominent personalities from around the world of technologies of information and telecommunications.