Concentrad Solar Power (CSP) plants are complex systems relying on the individual performance of multiple optical elements (heliostats, receiver tubes…) and the precise prediction of environmental factors (soiling, atmospheric attenuation, weather…). At Aragon Photonics we produce precision instruments to aid the operation, maintenance and supervision of CSP plants.

With a patent porfolio licensed in exclusive by ABENGOA and our in-house expertise, we are able to provide unique solutions specifically designed for field operation in CSP plants. Precision optics, high-quality manufacturing and deep knowledge of CSP needs drives our value proposition for this expanding field.



  • Reflector soiling monitoring
  • Better planning of cleaning routines and methods
  • Heliostat degradation monitoring
  • Monitor the evolution of tube’s transmittance
  • Measure the efficiency of the applied cleaning method


Condor is a portable reflectometer designed for field measurement of reflectivity in the solar field in less than 10 seconds with a high accuracy and precision.

INCUS is a portable spectrophotometer that allows the measuring of the receiver tube optical properties in the solar field of a parabolic trough CSP plant.