High Definition Component Analyzer

The new High Definition Component Analyzer (HDCA) from Aragon Photonics lands to characterize passive optical devices with the highest resolution and wavelength accuracy, the fastest measurement time and largest dynamic range. The spectra profile of insertion losses (IL), return losses (RL) and polarization dependent losses (PDL) of passive optical devices can be measured with femtometric resolution and fully automated.

HDCA is the ideal tool for manufacturers and developers of next generation passive components, including ring resonators, arrayed waveguide grating (AWG), quantum chips, wavelength selective switches (WSS), fiber Bragg gratings (FBG), photonic integrated circuits (PIC), or any Ultra-DWDM network components.

  • Subpicometer resolution (down to 2.4 fm point resolution).
  • Dynamic range: >85 dB in a single sweep.
  • Wavelength repeatability: ±0.15 pm.
  • Wavelength accuracy: ± 0.5 pm.
  • Wavelength range: T, O, S, C & L bands
  • PM and PDL option.
  • TE/TM spectra characterization.
  • External TLS compatible.

Peak and notch analysis

Allows to fully characterise the spectral lines of your DUT and export the data to a csv file.

DUT automatic trace analysis

Allows spectral characterization of common optical device (i.e. DWDM, AWG, MZI, FBG...) parameters.


IL and RL measurement

Swept insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) measurements can be performed on optical components.

TE & TM spectra resolving

Thanks to the Mueller matrix calculus, the TE&TM spectra can be displayed.

PDL measurement

Relies on the four-states Mueller method to perform Polarization Dependent Losses measurements.

Dual-channel polarization

Allow seeing the separate orthogonal polarization components of the signal simultaneously.

Easy automation

Control your BOSA remotely through GPIB or Ethernet using SCPI commands.

24 / 7

Robust enough to work fulltime during a week

Easy programming

Compatible with main programming languages: Labview, Python and Matlab


BOSA and HDCA are commercialized in exclusive by ZEPREN Solutions S.L.


The BOSA is the most advanced and versatile High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer, the BOSA. Thanks to our unique optical filtering and full spurious free dynamic range.

SBS Applications

Whether working on advanced modulation formats, quantum optics, or passive devices characterization, in R&D or production, get advantage of the BOSA performance.