General Procurement Conditions

Aragon Photonics Labs, S.L.U. GENERAL PROCUREMENT CONDITIONS IT-50-02 Ed. 1.0


  1. Aragon Photonics Labs, S.L.U. actively evaluates its suppliers based on the following factors:
  • Material/service delivery compliance: Evaluation of the temporal and quantity delays in the delivery of the material/service according to the dates and quantities confirmed by the supplier in the order acknowledgement.
  • Material/service quality: Evaluation of the quality of the material/service and the generation of non-conformities to the supplier.
  • Management of the supplier: Evaluation of the quality of the supplier as organization, based on the customer service and the after-sales service.
  1. Each supplier starts with 10 points score that is reduced according to the following table:
Material/service delivery complianceUp to 9 points (6 due to temporal delay and 3 due to quantity delay)
Material/service qualityUp to 6 points
Management of the supplierUp to 3 points (2 due to customer service and 1 due to after-sales service)

A negative assessment (score below 5) may result in the withdrawal of accreditation as a supplier and the impossibility of further cooperation.

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