Distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) is a disruptive technology set to change the way infrastructures are managed. DFOS can turn an optical fiber into thousands of sensors and monitor tens of kilometers of asset with a single interrogator, making it a very cost effective and non-intrusive solution that is being adopted by more industries every yearAmong DFOS, Distritubed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), which allows for the detection of vibrations along the fiber, is the one with a wider range of potential applications, both industrial (security, integrity, operation monitoring) and scientific (seismic, mechanical…). At Aragon Photonics we are set to provide scientists and engineers with the most advanced and configurable DAS system, the HDAS, so that they can use it as a tool to unlock new applications and knowledge. 




HDAS is a revolutionary patented DFOS system that is able to detect temperature and strain changes (vibrations) instantly and with a linear response. HDAS provides instantaneous strain and temperature magnitude changes and a virtually undistorted signal with a very high sensitivity (1 nstrain) and reach (>70 km). HDAS stands out among competing DAS products thanks to its linearityhigh performance and its unique capability to maintain a very homogeneous performance along all the fiber. 

  • High fidelity, thanks to its linear response 
  • Very high sensitivity (<1 nstrain) 
  • Great reach, exceeding 70 km. 
  • Allows programming real-time applications directly on the instrument. 


At Aragon Photonics we have conceived the HDAS as an open platform to enable the development of applications for end-users:

  • Perimeter intrusion detection 
  • Third-party interference (TPI) detection 
  • Power cable monitoring 
  • Traffic monitoring (roads, railway, subway…) 
  • Seismic activity monitoring
  • Subsea cable monitoring
  • Asset integrity
  • Oil, gas & water pipelines


Aragon Photonics provides the most advanced instrument for distributed acoustic sensing, the HDAS. HDAS is conceived as a scientific tool and a platform to develop sensing applications.