The most advanced & versatile high resolution OSA 

  • Purely optical filter (10 MHz) 
  • Full spurious-free dynamic range (>80 dB) 
  • Available in C, L & O bands 
  • Wavelength reference for maximum precision 

Aragon Photonics produces the most advanced and versatile Optical Spectrum Analyzer, the BOSA. Thanks to our unique optical filtering and full spurious free dynamic range the BOSA achieves reliable measurements avoiding artifacts and undesired effects on your measurements. 


  • 100G/400G transceiver testing 
  • Laser & source spectrum 
  • Network analysis: DWDM, Flexigrid 
  • New modulation formats analysis: OFDM, Nyquist, QAM 
  • OSNR measurement 
  • Frequency combs



Working with a Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) or with an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) BOSA Phase option provides time domain information useful to characterize optical modulations fast and reliably. Key features: 

  • Modulation format independent
  • Bandwidth independent
  • Eye diagram, constellation
  • TIme-resolved chirp


Including a high-dynamic range (>70 dB) measurement port synchronized with the TLS sweep, you can measure the response of optical filters, Bragg gratings, etc. 

  • Insertion losses (IL) 
  • Return losses (RL)  
  • Polarization dependent losses (PDL)  
  • Fast measurement (up to 100 nm/s in BOSA400) 



Enables the measurement of the spectrally-resolved state of polarization (SOP). Measure polarization differences between different light sources or spectral components or check the polarization changes within the signal bandwidth. 

  • Measure PMD on in-service fibers 
  • Analyze polarization in PICs 
  • Get PDL measurement of passive components 


The most advanced & versatile high-resolution OSA 

  • Fully standalone 
  • 10 MHz resolution 
  • Fast 20 nm/s scan 
  • Highest precision (0.5 pm) 
  • All options available for upgrade 

The best balanced high-resolution OSA 

  • Cost effective 
  • 20 MHz resolution 
  • 2.5 nm/s scan 
  • Available in standalone model (BOSA Lite+)

Maximum performance. Minium cost 

  • Use your own TLS and save money 
  • 10 MHz resolution 
  • All options available for upgrade